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Privacy Statement / GDPR

D.G. White  Partnership (David White, Edward White, Diana White, Madeleine White) welcomes the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018.  D.G. White Partnership provides farming services and agricultural contracting business within Wiltshire and also provides holiday let accommodation and other farming diversification projects. D. G. White Partnership has always taken all information security seriously including that of personal data regardless as to whether D.G. White Partnership is considered a processor or controller.
D.G.White Partnership has assessed every aspect of the General Data Protection Regulation against its own activities.  D.G. White Partnership has amended its activities and associated policies and procedures as necessary in order to fully comply with General Data Protection Regulation following a thorough assessment.  D.G. White Partnership website (www.hackpenholidaycottages.co.uk) and marketing activity have been updated so that customers have the assurance that they will be contacted and treated in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation requirements. 
D.G. White Partnership is a small family business in England.  We will only collect information from you that is relevant to the matter that we are dealing with.  
In particular we may collect the following information from you which is defined as ‘personal data’:
-              Personal Details
-              Business activities, job titles, email addresses
We will mainly use your information for the provision of advice and this is necessary in the performance of the business between us.  We may also use it for administering any accounts
Under our Code of Conduct there are very strict rules about who we can share your information with and this will normally be limited and may include: Accountants and other legal entities as required by law.
We will keep your personal information throughout the period we are legally obliged.
You have a series of rights under the General Data Protection Regulation including the right to access a copy of the information we hold on you.  Further information on this issue can be obtained from our person responsible for General Data Protection Regulation compliance, maddy@dgwhite.co.uk
If you are unhappy about how we are using your information then initially you should contact the companies appointed person and if your complaint remains unresolved you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office, details available at www.ico.org.uk

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